INSPIRE ME – With Seamstar

Inspire Me this week is focusing on Courtney, owner of the wonderful online cutting edge crafts store Seamstar.

As a very keen ( think I may have mentioned this once or twice ! ) dressmaker and quilter, using an online fabric store that not only stocks a huge selection of breathtakingly pretty fabrics, a large array of colourful trims, sewing patterns, a haberdashery with more than you could possibly wish for AND first class, quick service – is really important to me. Everything you need !

When I receive my Seamstar fabrics and other lovely bits in the post they are always wrapped so nicely, it makes it all the more exciting to open the package and start getting crafty.

Here’s a little more about Courtney and Seamstar….

What inspired you to start your business?

The inspiration for starting Seamstar was my baby. Whilst on maternity leave and lucky enough to have been given decent maternity pay, I grasped the opportunity to start a business.

Although it was extremely difficult because I started work on Seamstar at around 8 months pregnant, I had more motivation than I had ever had before. The website finally went live when Coen was around 5 months old. When I look back I’m not sure how I managed to look after a new born baby and start a website. I suspect the lack of sleep stopped me from thinking about it!

I think a lot of people would prefer to work for themselves but it is having the time and opportunity to do it. I remember coming home after working in an office 9 til 6 and just being too exhausted to do anything, let alone make any strides towards starting a business. Now however, I work 7am until 8, 9 or sometimes 10pm and it doesn’t feel like hard work at all. I’ve swapped being told what to do by a boss, to being told what to do by my 3 year old instead ( my 3 year old certainly has better people skills. )

My advice to anyone who gets the tiniest bit of time or even a glimmer of an opportunity to start something is go for it. You probably won’t get rich if that is your motivation for being your own boss. However, if you want to be in control of your life then you won’t regret it and you never know where it may take you.

If you get the chance to sew yourself, what do you like to create ?

As you would expect I have tonnes of fabric in my stash – far too much for one human being. Unfortunately with everything else that I’m doing, I probably only get around an hour or two a week to sew. I am the Queen of unfinished projects. Currently languishing next to my sewing machine (you can often hear a tiny cry of ‘please finish me!’) is a shabby chic rose quilt, some bold bunting which I’m determined to put in an Etsy shop soon, along with a big stack of fabric for some cushion covers. Generally I sew for the home but I am definitely going to start sewing some clothes for me and have lots of Cotton Lawn fabric coming in the shop soon as I’m looking forward to that.

Do you have a Favourite collection ?

Usually the most recent fabric collection is my current favourite. I’m really loving putting the modern prints we sell with linen. We have some great linen blend fabrics in contemporary colours and they work for bags, make up cases, cushions anything really. The linen just adds a modern twist and really makes the prints stand out.

At the moment I’m also really looking forward to getting my hands on Denyse Schmidt’s Flea Market Fancy collection and Lucie Summers new collection called Summersville. With those I will be making unfinished quilts and unfinished play mats.

Thanks Courtney ! Much admiration to you !