House bound but happy :)


Last week I mentioned that I have been ‘ juicing ‘ recently. It’s to help get me healthy again  after a virus that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I am still taking it easy as apparently it can come back if I don’t.

The positive thing from it all is that I have changed my diet – no more chocolate or crisps to aid recovery ! Instead I am having a couple of juices a day. In the morning I have this one, which is 1 grapefruit, 3 oranges, 1 lemon and 1 lime. Which boosts the Vit C and then later in the day I have a vegetable based one – usually raw beetroot, celery, carrot, cucumber, ginger and apple. Not so keen on celery but you hardly taste it amongst the other flavours. It’s something I’d like to carry on doing – and keep away from all the refined sugar !

My skin is ( ironically ) glowing, apparently. It was a case of doing this or taking some very strong medication that possibly wasn’t going to work, so I decided to do it the natural way.


Having had so much time in bed, I fiddled around with lots of phone apps and came across Polagram. You can choose all your favourite phone photo’s to have printed, by just clicking on them and then entering your details. They arrived this weekend and I’m so impressed, thought would let you know about it. We are going to use these for my daughters Summer holiday project – but I will definitely be ordering more. They’re really good quality.


Hopefully this week I will feel well enough to start making a dress from this ‘ Stylish Dress Book ‘ book by Yoshiki Tsukiori. It has some really simple, cute smock dresses.

By the way – you can find me on bloglovin’. You will find thousands of cool blogs on there.

In the meantime .. wishing you a good week and I will update again soon. :)

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Sandy Barton

Good to hear you are in recovery mode. Good for you going the healthy route! Our bodies sure let us know when they aren’t happy don’t they? Be well Lucy!


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