Having a Cool Yule…. ?

Hope you’ve had a good week ?

I’ve been putting together my sewing room – it’s all a bit exciting.. finding inspiring images to put up,Β finally sortingΒ out my fabric stash and putting it in my new cupboard ! No more cutting out on the kitchen table.. Yey ! I’m making some roman blinds for the room in a Nina Campbell fabric. Can’t wait to show you, quite frankly !

In other news….

How’s your Christmas shopping going ? .. and have you bought your cards yet ? :)…

Being as the 25th is well and truly on it’s way, I thought I’d share with you a few of my favourite designs this year…









This is just one from a Kitty Finegan multipack – “The Rockettes”.. paying tribute to the “weird and wonderful towns of Brighton and Hove” where Kitty lives.









Mrs L Cards do a really nice colourful range of handmade cards – this Mistletoe and Holly one can be adapted for husband / wife / girlfriend / boyfriend.. and there are lots of other ones on the website including more stick people with button heads ! Cute.









I interviewed Amelia this year from the lovely company – Bombus. Handmade and bespoke map art, including a great range of cards ! The Christmas penguin is good enough to keep and frame really isn’t it ?









Horace Panter has designed this cassette card for the Teenage Cancer trust. I have a feeling that they may be sold out now ( hardly a surprise ) but they also have packs by other designers available. Keep your eyes peeled next week for my interview with Horace about his art work and band – The Specials.







I like the simplicity of Marmaduke Marmalade cards – there’s a good selection on their website.

What do you look for when you’re choosing your cards ? Do you like to buy from the same company or organisation each year ?

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Top update ! Great cards, you find the good stuff. Love the cassette one, and look forward to your interview with Horace. I love the Specials !


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