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Today I have a Guest Post for you by the lovely Kate, owner and designer behind Curious Furnishings who makes all of her unique home accessories and gifts with a beautiful vintage hand winding Singer sewing machine.

Thought you might like to know a little bit more about Kate and her company …

I didn’t take sewing at School, I always liked the thought of sewing, I liked the fabrics, ribbons and the tiny bobbins full of thread, it just didn’t appeal to me back then, cooking was what you did, so that’s what I took.  Little did I know that decision would come back and haunt me.

After school I thought I wanted to work in media, but it came apparent I didn’t enjoy it so decided to take a 2 year travelling excursion through Australia, South East Asia & India it was there where I really got into sewing and discovered a real passion for fabric, I knew I wanted to create with it, I had always had a passion for the vintage way of living and vintage fabrics were defiantly my thing, but sewing with an electric machine wasn’t. I didn’t enjoy it, it just wasn’t me, I just couldn’t connect.

I was out in a local charity shop when in the corner of the room I spotted an old looking box with the Golden words “Singer” I unlocked it to find a perfect hand winding machine, I snapped it up and went home to start learning how to use it ! Now having not taken sewing classes at school, I felt slightly defeated from the off, but I have a very talented Nan who I knew would come to my rescue and teach me how to use my new found love.

After some lengthy lessons, I gradually bonded with my machine and began to experiment, and learn how to sew at my pace, I started designing different items, and it really developed from there.

Now having used my hand winding Singer sewing machine for the past 2 – 3 years the thought of going back, trying to  understand an electric machine makes me shudder, and to be perfectly honest I don’t think I would want to.

All of my Curious designs and products, come from this hand winding machine, I feel it gives that extra personal touch,  everything I create reflects the vintage era it’s from, where the heavily massed produced world didn’t exist, and that mass-produced world is why I have always created products that are not only unique but affordable.








The very first piece I created on my machine is my signature piece, the Curious Mini Apron, of course it took time to develop, but I got there.  The thing I love about the Curious Mini Apron is the femininity, and what it represents when you wear it. The era of the kitchen goddess has all but gone, but with the resurgence of baking and cooking and eating at home the KG is coming back with a bang. I want women to feel beautiful and unique when cooking, and that’s what I feel my range of Curious Aprons does.  I am very excited to launch a new design for 2013 my Curious Mini 1950s  Apron that I designed late last year is one of my favorites,  it is a double lined scallop hem apron with thick sash ties, and made with fabrics that bring out the wild, vintage and shy side of anyone. I can’t wait for it to be available. ( April 27th ).

Over the years of designing and creating a business from my box room, to now my kitchen table, I have introduced a number of different product lines, from my Curious Mini Aprons, to Needle books and lavender pillows, all have been created & inspired by a range of different mediums.

I am a child at heart and hold my hands up and say that Alice in Wonderland, like so many designers out there, plays a huge part in my design inspiration. I have an eclectic passion for the fashion industry, and keep up to date with seasonal trends, and colour palettes, I am a great believer that fashion doesn’t just have to be for you wardrobe, and trending prints, colour’s and fabrics can work just as well, and even better in your home. My third source is the overall vintage style of the 50s, my signature 1950s mini aprons play homage to this era, and is something that I work hard to replicate when creating new designs.

So that’s me, and how I became to design and create my products within Curious Furnishings. Please feel free to view my website, and the products that I create, and if you fancy follow me on twitter @kateofcurious for Curious chat and updates on new designs for 2013.

Thanks very much, Kate ! 

Do you own a Vintage Machine or have you ever tried using one ? I am really tempted now .. might have to go looking for one ! 

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It’s great when old teck beats new teck ! The history, design & build quality of the machine & the pieces produced on it are incredible. And not easily replicated with modern equipment, it just wouldn’t reproduce the charm of a hand wound machine ! I was admiring a more heavy duty version in a cobblers not so long ago, and he also said the same thing, he couldn’t use a modern machine to do shoe repairs, they just weren’t good enough ! Nice piece enjoyed reading it !

All the best mark


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