Flora Family Fun Guide – Put on a Puppet Show Review

sewing puppet We’ve had a really good half term. Think we might need another week to relax after everything we’ve been up to, but apart from that – it was great. My Birthday was on the Tuesday … more on that soon.

We were also asked by Flora if we’d like to get a bit crafty with their Family Fun Guide written by award winning author Tanith Carey, over the break – which you might have noticed if you follow me on Instagram.

We produced some very tasty ” Easy Peasy Cupcakes ” – Betsey pretty much made them all herself, which made her feel very proud. Mae made the Pasta Gems Necklace ( second batch a success, first one got eaten by our dog when our backs were turned ! ) .. and we will be making the ” Cinnamon and Raisin  Cookies ” later today for packed lunches tomorrow.

Our favourite project from the Fun Guide has been the ” Put on a Puppet Show ” – we had a great time in my sewing room creating some colourful little sock characters.

I like the Sunny Day Suggestions on each page – for this one it gives tips for taking the show on the road. Also the ideas for younger or older kids is helpful too.

We named the socks Tom, Tim and Jim – and the first performance went rather well. We will be taking them on tour later this year… coming to a town near you. :)

The instructions are written very succinctly for children and the things you need for this, and actually all of the games and recipes are easy to buy or you’ll more than likely have most of the bits in your home already. Preparation times are kept to a minimum too – my kind of book, this is !

Flora Puppets Wool ShowFlora Puppets Show

The book is lightweight and well thought out. I really want to try out some more of the activities  – they are a great reminder of how easy having fun together and using our imaginations can be. We had a good laugh and some nice chats while we were sewing and glueing.

Flora Puppet Show

Look out for our cookies later on Instagram …

Have a nice day.

Lucy x

The Family Fun Guide and Boredom Busting Basket were provided by Flora for the purpose of this review.

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