New Fabrics Alert !

IMG_14711I’ve received a lovely bundle of fabrics that I ordered. There is literally nothing more exciting than opening fabric boxes for me. They are kitsch prints and I can’t wait to make them into something – if they go anywhere near my fabric cupboard ( excuse the mess ) they will get lost and I will find reasons not to use them … an addict you say ? :)

IMG_1474I had a realisation recently that I can now rustle up most things that I want to make without thinking about it too much first, which is really exciting and something I never imagined when I first plonked myself in front of the sewing machine or sat in my first fashion design class. That doesn’t mean to say that some projects are still really daunting but there’s always the unpicker if things go a bit awry – which definitely happens. Overcoming inserting zips was a momentous day – apparently I’m not on my own on that one. :) It’s fun designing items but it really helps to know how they are made too. In fact I would say it’s crucial !

I’d really love to know today what kind of fabrics you like to buy ? Also what kind of items would you like to see in my shop – homeware, clothing ? Are you a fabric addict too ? Leave me a comment under this post – it’d be much appreciated :)

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Your fabric stash looks soooo much neater than mine!
I love to find vintage stuff and have even bought retro clothing for the material!
When I buy new I like to find something unusual, though sometimes it takes me a while to make anything from it as I am scared I might ruin it and it looks so lovely spread out like that….
I like what you make and the fabric choices are great. :)


Oh I know exactly what you mean! I really don’t like using up new fabrics – they always look so pretty :) Crazy, really xx


I’m terrible, I’ve got a thing for anything purple, the only thing is I buy and then stash.


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