Dress a Girl Around the World

How this passed me by I do not know considering the sterling work lots of people have been doing on spreading the word and getting people involved. Thousands of dresses and shorts have already been made and distributed to little girls and boys in developing Countries.

I noticed one of my readers entries for my recent fabric giveaway wanted to use the fabric if they won to make a dress for Dress a Girl Around the World. Obviously intrigue got me googling straight away, ending up on the brill Sew Scrumptious blog owned by Louise who is the UK International Partner for this charity.

Basically, all they ask people to do is make a dress ( or two if you fancy ) for a girl who may not ever have the chance of owning one otherwise – and also shorts for boys. Here’s my first one above. It took no time.

There are easy patterns, tutorials and more information available on her blog if you also fancy having a go at making one. You can even make a dress out of a pillowcase !

I’m off to make another one and a pair of shorts – the thought of a little child on the other side of the World wearing them is all the inspiration needed ! :)

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sarah belinda

I love this idea. Now off to buy T shirts to make the T shirt dress. Can I drop them off to you when you post yours? Pay half postage with you.

Sew Scrumptious

What a gorgeous dress! I love it. Thanks so much for the lovely mention too. Really appreciate it. Its such a lovely thing to be involved with. We’ve now collected over 5,000 dresses in the UK! Louise x


That’s amazing. How lovely to think of all the kids wearing them. I’m honoured to have made something! x


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