Don’t text it – Ploom it

IMG_1227I love handwriting because it says so much about the individual.

I’ve also mentioned before that I prefer the old way of saying a ” Happy Birthday ” or ” Get Well Soon ” – of course receiving a text is nice, don’t get me wrong, but when someone goes the extra effort and takes the time to choose a card and write a kind message inside, it feels kind of special. That they have thought about you and vice versa if you’re sending one to them. In our busy lives, I think it’s fair to say we all maybe send one too many texts or emails from time to time. Well, I do anyway. Even calling someone for a chat doesn’t happen as frequently as it should.

What I received in the post recently really made me smile. Not only because Founder of PLOOMS, Sally Page, had read my up – cycling post and really enjoyed it, but she sent me a beautifully wrapped gift. Inside was a PLOOMS fountain pen in purple – to match my new painted chest of drawers. It’s a really lovely, vibrant colour and glides like a dream. The best thing of all about it was that it will encourage me to write more.

In fact Mae has her eye on it for when she receives ‘ pen license ‘ at school soon. A very good incentive  for her and a very special gift ! We will definitely be using it to write my Nanas 94th Birthday card this Friday. :)PLOOMS

PLOOMS pens come in five shades, each inspired by women who brought a splash of colour in to Sallys life. They are all made of brass, chrome and lacquer and come with two cartridges.

I wish Sally lots of luck with her business. I think it’s a brilliant idea and look forward to seeing her fountain pens everywhere !

Lucy x


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