Inspired and tidy !

Remember the Inspiration Challenge that I ran up until last month when the lovely blogger Cassie Fairy took over from me ?

Well, Cassie found some beautiful vintage sewing machines for May’s project and I immediately knew which fabric from my stash to use for this – but wasn’t so sure as what to make.

After a day of sewing last week and searching for my scissors under piles of material what felt like the gazzilionth time – the light in my little brain went on – ping ! A scissor tidy – Oh yeah ! Also good for keeping them out of harms way if you have kids.

I quilted it as you can see –  …. it’s kind of hypnotic once you get going :) I used a pretty pink cord on the backs, no-one is going to see it but I know it’s there. The bias strings can attach to two hooks – I guess you could also back put a sturdy back on it and do something really fancy like put it in a frame. Hmm – why didn’t I think of that at the time. That would look cool. Sewing through all the layers at the base with the bias was a bit of an ordeal but only because it was half term and I’d lost my marbles slightly, I am normally neater than this – ( I like to think ) …. :)

Anyway, Cassie has her post up now with everyones offerings for this challenge and they are fab – really impressive. I just love seeing lots of different perspectives and all the talent around. She also has the fresh new challenge for June – Beautiful beach huts ! – here’s the link. Take a look and maybe get involved … :) What would you make ?

Have a nice day and hope you feel inspired !

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Yes, you definitely should do a step-by-step – I’d have no idea where to start but if you did a tutorial, I could make one too! Thanks for staying involved with the inspiration challenge, I hope even more folks can join in with next month’s beach hut challenge too! :)


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