Cool cameras and Parklife !

Hoorah ! Lomography managed to get this leopard print ‘Diana Mini” camera *swoon* over just in time for the weekend ( thanks, guys :) ), so it came along to the Blur/New Order/Specials Hyde Park gig on Sunday… which I might add was, as expected – brilliant. Don’t ever stop making music, Blur… pretty please ? Can’t believe that twenty ( plus ) years on, Damon still has as much energy as he always did. I’m a bit hoarse today from singing along.. but all worth it :) it was really good watching some of the Olympic closing ceremony too on the screens. What a couple of weeks it has been.. long may the positivity continue.. Can’t wait for the paralympics now !

Were you there too ? Would love to know what you got up to on Sunday ? Did you watch the Olympic ceremony ? Has it inspired you too ?

It took literally a few minutes to get going with the Lomography camera ( as aforementioned, I usually hold phone in direction of desired image and snap a pic ) but I’ve worked it out now and absolutely love the flash bulb. I am a bit of a sucker for aesthetics too and this little leopard lady is doing it for me ! Also really like the fact you can hang it around your neck.. would be a crime to hide ‘Mini Diana’ away ! :)

I don’t know about you but nowadays I use my phone so much to take pictures and then very rarely get any of them printed off, so I can actually fill a photo album for once with some lovely memories !

According to the cool little booklet that accompanies the camera – you can snap up to 72 pics with one film roll… and am going to try my first ever multiple exposure panoramic image. Actually feel like a proper budding photographer now… who knows where this will take me :) Really looking forward to developing the first film later this week. have a huge selection of equally delectable cameras, have a look if you haven’t already…

In other news, I am making myself a skirt in this fabric this evening from my skirt block and will show the completed number soon…

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Check out Blend Fabrics. Great fabric with sewing patterns and instruction all
over it. Got to make a bag with it to put my sewing bits in.


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