Colour Your Christmas – 20 Stocking Fillers for Kids. £10 and under.

Xmas 3 Pt 2!The last couple of weeks, I’ve shown decoration and home inspiration for Christmas. Last but not least is stocking fillers for the big kid in you children. All of these are under £10. :) It’s impossible to stick to 10 this week. So many fun things …


1. This’ll bring out the Larry Adler in you all. A cool harmonica. £5.95. Selfridges.

2. What’s your favourite flavour ? Jelly Bean Mini Bean Bin. £8.99. American Sweets.

3. An oldie but a goodie. Remember this from your childhood ? Beetle Game. £4.99. Lakeland.

4. Definitely think this would be a winner. Eight scenes to colour in a ” Chromadepeth 3D book and pens “. £5. John Lewis.

5. NPW Origami set. A nice creative little gift. £6. Also from John Lewis.

6. I can vouch for this pen. It’s really amusing. Writes surprisingly neatly too for a “Wiggle Writer”. £6.75. Blott.

7. Naturally, I was going to pick this out. A little Crafts Sewing Kit in a jar. It’s for age 6 and over. £6.95. Dotcomgiftshop.

8. This Kissing Rabbits design also comes in notebooks, bags, cups etc. Think the little ones would love the melamine plate. £5.50. Amara.

9. There are loads of Mr and Mrs mugs to choose from. Classic characters – which was your favourite when you were a tot ? £7.95. Bloomsbury Store.

10. I cannot express enough how much I love these Doodle books. They’re so good for kids inspiration. Lots of different ones. £3.99. The Book People.

So, half way through, here are some more bright and happy gift ideas … Xmas 3 Pt 1

11. A personalised book to jot all of your fabulous ideas. £9.95. Sukie @ Not on the HighStreet.

12. Too cute alert ! Snowglobe lip gloss palette. Glitter – tastic. £4. Accessorize.

13. Santa Shades. I suspect it wouldn’t just be the kids wanting to try these on. £4. Paperchase.

14. I bought this Space Race Pin Ball Game for my friend’s son last year. The whole family loved it ! £7.95. Love from Rosie.

15. This brand have plenty of colourful and kitsch style products. Their Money Bank Tins are a great way to start saving up the pocket money. £5. Wu & Wu.

16. You haven’t lived if you’ve not tried to solve the Rubik’s Cube. :) I’m not sure I ever managed it. £9.99. Rubik’s.

17. I mentioned this this company last week. They have loads of gardening gifts. Love their Rainy Day Mini Garden. You can grow herbs or flowers in it. £9.95. What You Sow.

18. Lipstick Marker Pens. Great gift – would be sneaked in to the classroom, no doubt .. £7. Paperchase.

19. I had to squeeze a flamingo somewhere in this line up. Here it is. Tropsticks ! It will make eating noodles loads of fun. £7.19.

20. Good ol’ Boden. Always colour a plenty. Think these novelty tights will be a hit.Different styles available – starting at £10. Boden.

There you are. Hope you feel inspired by these ? Have a happy weekend.

Lucy x

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