Harry Duley Top and my home made Colette Clover Pants…

This is the first time I have used a Colette pattern and although I had to fiddle about a bit with it – I’m really pleased with how these pants turned out. I say pants, but to me they are trousers. But .. I’ll go with the original. :)

I don’t know if it’s just me but I cut out the pattern using my measurements and the pants were massive on me ! So I shaved off a lot of fabric from inside and outside leg ( naughty me, should’ve made up a toile first ) and some from the crotch – too much information ? :) Obviously, I had to make the waistband length shorter too which took no time. I used version 1 of the 2 but took out the front pockets.









When I make some more ( which I definitely will because they are so comfortable ) they will be much more fitted and 50s – probably in a gingham fabric.  I’ve cut the pattern to a size 0 now because with stretchy fabric it seems this is the size for me with these … ( not usually the case ! ) My only other observation is that the back waistband sits lower than the front but not a problem – it works.

British Clothing brand Harry Duley very kindly sent me the low cowl neckline, capped sleeve top that I am wearing with the trousers – it was so beautifully wrapped when it arrived. It felt like a real treat opening it up. All of their items are designed and made in the UK – and feel really soft !

I do love a t – shirt and needed a bit more colour in my wardrobe. I’ll wear it for Summer, then layer it up for the colder months. The draped front works on most shapes, I think. It’s good for me as I am quite large busted with a smallish frame and it feels nice to wear.

They also do an item called The Tube which looks interesting, it’s essentially a band of versatile fabric shaped from waist to hem that gives the effect of wearing lots of top layers, without having to actually wear lots of clothes. There’s also one for Mums to Be. Great idea, don’t you think ? :)

Have a look at their site – www.harryduley.com to see more.

Have you tried using Colette patterns before ? How did it work out for you ?

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I have received no payment for this post from Harry Duley. Just the lovely top to review !


Charlotte Forcer

I love the trousers! I’ve only made one Colette dress before (liquorice) and only hear great thing about their patterns. My dress is baggy at the top but that’s due to my shape and the fact I didn’t feel confident enough to alter the pattern. I did add 4cm to the rather short hem line though. The dress is really comfy so it looks like their designs are nice and wearable everyday items.
Good work on the ‘pants’!


Hi Charlotte, Thanks very much :)
Same here – always hear good things about Colette so am amazed it took me so long to actually use one of their patterns.
Maybe you could add a couple of darts to the Liquorice dress somewhere at the top or take it in a little bit at the sides (if that’s where it’s baggy)…


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