Birthday Outfit Numero Quattro

The penultimate choice on my list for my upcoming special Birthday outfits !

Found this Lilli Ann vintage coat and dress outfit on FarFetch recently and think it’s a winner. The lapels and piping make me weep with happiness. :) Okay, it’s not ideal for February, but hey.

Lilli Ann was a ladies suiting company from the 1930’s to the 1980’s and was sold on but then closed by 2000. They started small in San Fancisco and offered very flattering silhouettes, spreading their wings after World War II to Paris and beyond. The down side ( in my opinion ) was their use of fur in some of their garments, but I admire their astute designs without.

The dress here is from their 60s mod inspired lines.

I will be posting one more outfit soon – that I am making. ;)

What do you think of this outfit ?

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