Birthday Outfit Numero Due

Following on from my first post on the upcoming special Birthday outfit post last week. Here is my the next one. Ever a fan of Vivienne Westwood anything, this pretty red Anglomania taffeta Monday dress from Net a Porter is a beauty. Very Valentine’s too ! I love that she creates her designs on a dressmakers dummy as opposed to drawings.

As you may know, I don’t wear leather anymore and the choice on shoes is always frustratingly limited. These ivory cluster lady dragon heels from Nonnon are lovely. Thank goodness for brand like Melissa.

This little Tuxedo purse would be a nice finish. Betsey Johnson always offers something a little different, I’m a fan of hers too. Really miss the shop she used to have in Covent Garden, it was like stepping back in time to the 50s.

What do you think ? What jewellery would you add I will post my ” Numero Tre ” next week.

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