There’s no place like home. Phew !


After the initial set back last week, we finally got to celebrate Betsey’s Birthday in honour of the Wizard of Oz.  Of course, there’s always something that you forget when you’re holding a kids party – and this time for it was matches for the cake … and my camera .. eek !!.

Never mind, I did take a few snaps with instagram and had already pic’d lots over the last few days.

Heidi from Cute Little Cupcakes made the awesome, delicious cake and cupcakes above. She is one incredibly talented but modest woman. Betsey couldn’t believe her eyes.


I made some extra ones for lunch, decorated with poppies bought from ” gabbiehol ” on Ebay – relating to the infamous field scene. The cheese and pizzas were all heart shaped and the fruit and salad bits were an array of rainbow colours ( boo, this is where I wish I hadn’t been too rushed to take any pics ).

As well as making a yellow brick road from felt ( donated by a lovely friend, Marc ) and underlay we decorated the hall with rainbow streamers, multi coloured balloons, lots of green decorations around the entertainer  – and a huge helium hot air balloon. YBR

The entertainer Stef and Nonsense managed to captivate all the 4 and 5 year olds for an hour and a half. I recommend her because she is lovely. She deserves a large medal.

For the going home treats, the girls all had a ruby slippers and wand necklace in a pouch ( fun to make ! ), the boys all got a magic cube – and they all had a heart lolly and rainbow twist in a gingham box with glittery red heart attached with their name.


It was well worth the time that I spent making bits and bobs because as well as being great for the imagination, it saved a bit of money and hopefully they will want to keep their necklaces and cubes for a while.

Have you ever held a themed party, or are you thinking of doing one ? My other daughter wants to have a ” Monster High ” one later in the year … I’d better get researching !

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