You wait for one Birthday and then they all come at once…

This week I have sewn my little heart out. I’ve made blouses – a first believe it or not and made seven in two days ! Great experience. Hope you’ve had a good week ? Don’t forget you have until the 28th to get your pics into me for the February inspiration challenge.

Moving on… We had a little Birthday party last week for our youngest Daughter. As ever, I got a bit carried away….

This amazing cake and the cupcakes were made by Heidi at Cute Little Cupcakes. Almost too good to eat – almost :)

I really enjoy coming up with ideas for celebrations and it’s a great excuse to get making. As we had decided on a craft workshop ( highly recommend Holly from Doodles4kids who did ours ) it seemed fitting, really.

If you’re looking to for some ideas for your own party’s this year – maybe these crafty options will wet your appetite….

When it comes to Party bags, I have a bit between my teeth. I have lost count of the times we have thrown those plastic “landfill” ones away and if I remember using them once and not feeling very comfortable with it. So, I decided to make them this year from fabric. To make the bag the going home present and then add a few bits in too. The cost actually was only a tad more than buying all the usual stuff. It was obviously just a little time consuming – but that was fine. The tie one above is particularly quick and easy to do.

There was a slight issue as one of our little guests doesn’t like balloons at all *mild panic*….so we opted for some pom poms instead – they looked really pretty. These were from eBay ( we had them at our wedding too ) and all you have to do is fluff them up into a ball. I guess you could make your own from scratch. You can store them for other celebrations or you could give them away as a gift at the end of the party. Everyone wanted one !

I mentioned in my Lottie’s Bakery review the other day that the lovely Dina had also made us some Moshi Cake Pops to try out – these would make an excellent bag filler. The kids will love ’em.

Little hairbows for girls is something that doesn’t take long to make and you can use leftover bits of fabric and attach them to alligator clips. Even easier is using scrapbooking flatbacks and just glue them to snap clips.

Bunting is always effective. You could make it single double sided and need fabric or oil cloth .. or even paper. Also some bias binding… and of course, a sewing machine.

It’s my Birthday today, so, I am off to eat cake, more cake and then some more, erm… cake :)

Do you have any suggestions for Party dec’s, bags or food ? Would love to hear them…. and if you would like to know how to make any of my idea’s then leave me a comment under this post :)

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Hey Lucy! You know it makes sense ;) I just can’t help it… My mind gets carried away and before you know it I’m almost rolling out a red carpet! Cheers, will check them out. x


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