Beehives and Spangly balls !

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was using a vintage Christmas crafts sewing pattern to make some decorations. Well, I used one of them ! and discarded the lace look – I just couldn’t do it :)

This Fairy / Bet Lynch / pink beehive lady is called Ethel, and she now lives on top of our tree. She’s pretty mahoosive, actually… 13 inches tall including the beehive !  The hair do took one whole episode of Holby City and a couple of retro liquors to create ( hence the wonky eyebrows… ). and I finished it off with a pink rose. Of course, it had to be a leopard print frock and she is indulged with a layer of pink netting under the skirt. She has big red earrings à la Pat Butcher – and the gold wings, I felt, finished off her crazy lady outfit.

I deliberated for a while; should I add this wonky eyebrowed lady to my blog ? Initially, I asked my fella to draw the face on but he was in a rush and it all went wrong, hence it all sewn on now, to cover up the calamity !  She still has a slightly wild look in her eye and is definitely remensecent of an 70’s toilet roll cover, but, In the end, I decided – yep !.. and long may she reign…

I also bought some big polystyrene baubles and covered them with gold spray, waited a night for them to dry and then just glued shiny crystals, beads and other random offerings onto them. I then pinned the ribbons on through a button at the top.

There were plans to make some more bits and bobs but have been caught up with sorting out this new sewing room, so we’ve also used some of these kitsch Paperchase decorations and a few obligatory baubles and tinsel, they are really gorgeous though some surprisingly heavy and very delicate.. so it’s just a matter of time really :) … we did have a big box full of things we usually put on the tree, but they are no longer in working order.. long story !

What have you put on your tree this year ? Are you all set for the madness of this coming week ? :)

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