Beautiful Brighton – Part 1.


We had a lovely little break last week. Brighton is one those places that if I don’t visit for a while, I get cold turkey. In fact we lived in Hove, Actually :) for a while and often wonder whether we should have stayed longer.


Apart from the amazing shops in the lanes ( my favourites in Part 2 tomorrow ) – I love the good people of Brighton and their open natures, the fresh sea air, the architecture and the real feeling of creativity all around. There’s also a sense of transience and lightness which appeals to me.

photo12  IMG_2757  photo111
A little way back, in the early Noughties the place seemed to experience a bit of a dip, it felt a bit run down after the madness of the 1990’s where house prices rocketed and it was the cool hip place to live. But in my opinion Brighton seems alot cleaner these days.

I blame my slight obsession with the place on watching Quadrophenia way too much as a teenager ! I travelled down to Brighton with mates on more than one occasion at the time in my target t-shirt and parka coat, just to hang out. But now, It’s great to visit just to get inspired and enjoy the buzz with the family.


It’s a shame to see the Hippodrome closed up now, it’s such a great building that holds alot of history. It’s been an ice rink, has hosted circus acts and been an entertainment venue for bands such as the Rolling Stones and the Beatles. Fingers crossed it’s open again soon.


There’s so much outside stuff for kids to do and on a windy day we stumbled upon a fantastic free animation class at Brighton Royal Pavillion Museum, I was really impressed by the experience and the teacher was excellent. We were instructed to make jungle animals and made a short film. The museum itself is full of an eclectic mix of exhibits ranging from ancient Egypt through to retro interiors, theatrical outfits and amazing artwork. Make sure you pop in if you are in the area !

The walks along the promenade to the pier are just the best – I took a few snaps along the way…

Enjoy the rest of your Bank Holiday