Back in the Building

After nearly a month of of dodgy broadband, I’m back ! That’s not me above, but you know that, right ?

There’s been lots going on – including running training ( if you can call it that ) for the 10K in a few weeks time. It’s to raise money for daughters school as they need money for a new, much needed school library. I decided one night after a glass of wine that I should do something to help. Why I do these things, I don’t know. :)

We went to London Zoo a few weeks back – I haven’t been there since I was a kid myself. I love animals – they seem well cared for there. I hope they’re all happy.

We had a few nights on the Norfolk coast recently which was a nice little break, the weather was perfect. Sandy loved the beach. A true labrador !

There’ll be lots coming up on the blog as I play catch up. Some reviews, giveaways and there will also be a new LucyLovesYa look, which I’m pretty excited about.

The new brand is coming along too. :)

Hope you are enjoying the glorious weather here in the UK. :)

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