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This is something new I thought I would try out – and maybe you would like to take part ?

If it works out, I will post a new piece at the beginning of each month – It might be a piece of jewellery or a picture.. or a dress ! Then, whoever wants to take part ( I’m in, obviously ! ) has until the end of that month to make something inspired ( not copied ;) ) by it. So, in this case – email yours to me – by 29th January.

It can be whatever you decide to create – clothing, a piece of artwork, jewellery, a cake.. whatever !… Then email me a pic of what you’ve made, and a little description of how you were inspired ( if you wish ).Β I will then post everything made in that month in a little montage, with links to you.

It will be fascinating to see our interpretations and a bit of fun :) It doesn’t matter what level you’re at !

The first one is above – a vintage cup and saucer we used for our wedding. I found this in a charity shop.

What do you reckon ?

Β Post your ( positive ) thoughts and questions below and….

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Beautiful cup & saucer and a fab idea.. I’m making a baby quilt for a colleague @ work atm.. can’t commit every month could I join in as and when please?..

Louise Findlay

Great idea! Some days I lack the motivation to get creative but a bit of inspiration goes a long way :)

Alison Sye

This is a fantastic idea Lucy, I have a lot on this month (Valentines!) but will certainly get involved at some point….


Yes, I bet you’re busy! That’s great.. No pressure.. When you fancy doing one, pass by xx

Paula parsons

I totally love this idea. I will definitely e mail you some ideas. I love the vintage look. I am really sentimental so it reminds me of people who are no longer with me. I often use people or places to inspire my designs.

Ann crick

I have an idea but not sure i have the time. I know it won’t take too long… Humm will try and join in if that’s ok x

Susan Carter

Love your idea – even if I don’t manage to create something I am really looking forward to seeing what everyone does. Bit lacking in inspiration at the mo as house is up for sale and getting divorced now my cancer treatment has finished.

Hoping to get my mojo back.

Also, I would love to see your Blinds tutorial as I have tried to make a Roman Blind but I only got part way and gave up.

Ps. The cup is beautiful – like some of the pieces in the museum in Cardiff. x


Hi Susan, firstly, very glad to hear your treatment is finished. I hope you are feeling well.
Thanks so much for your kind comments – I will let you know when the blind tutorial is up and running :)
Take care xxx


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