A little bit of a bling.

blueThere are some really simple things that you can do to up – cycle your clothing and it doesn’t have to cost anything or at least very little. In this case I spent £1.05 in total on some new red heart buttons.

This cardigan was okay, nothing particularly wrong with it –  it just needed a few things doing to it so that I felt happy wearing it. In fact, I’m pretty sure I bought it originally to jazz it up a bit but it got neglected… Awww.

The alterations were so simple. I just marked on the arms, the length I wanted them to be adding the seam allowance and chopped off the rest. If you do this – I find it easier and quicker to measure from the cuffs upwards. I then used some of the arm remnants – folded them over and pressed to make the cuffs which I then sewed back on and overlocked.

Then I snipped off the original buttons and put them in my stash for something else – and sewed on the heart ones which are lovely and shiny. :) It only took half an hour so very quick too. :)

Because the pictures are inside and outside, the colour of the cardigan looks quite different. It’s more the top picture and the bright red heart buttons look very pretty against it.

Do you alter your clothes or do you have something lurking in the cupboard that you want to up – cycle ? Leave me a comment if you do. :)

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Lesley Deeming

What a good idea, I have a few cardigans that are going to get this treatment.. :-)


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