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It seems impossible to stay out of my sewing studio especially as it is in the house. I love it so much and the temptation to make things is too great. I’m not very good at sitting still as it is but think I’ve taken it to new levels recently, especially as my first few fayre’s are coming up very soon.

I like to make things that I’d wear or use myself as you can put more love into it. Having worked before in a job that was just for the money, as necessary as it is sometimes – it doesn’t make you happy deep down does it ?

The bow is quite large – 10 cm x 5 cm with a sturdy silver clip and I will make them in various fabrics or embellished !















The print on this bag is just lovely. I did a giveaway quite some time ago and made the winner ” Siobhan ” a made to measure skirt from it. I found it a bit hard cutting into it as I like looking at it in my fabric cupboard but my friend Sarah Belinda had a good idea to keep a scrapbook with cuttings of my favourite fabrics. :)

You can find my latest makings in my Betsey Mae Etsy shop.

Hope you have a good weekend and enjoy the sun :) Are you up to anything nice ?

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