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I’m in the throws of choosing a new camera. It’s really hard when you haven’t the first idea about such things ! I am a novice but am really getting into taking pics. Having asked around lots and for advice from my friends and also my old time pal Steve Neaves ( remember the interview recently ? ) and my Twitter friend Bob Owen I am clearer :)






As much as my Iphone takes some nice images –  these ones were all taken with the instagram app – It’s time for something a bit more professional – I’ve got plans this year and won’t be able to achieve half of them without a good camera. It’s also inspiring to have lots of captured moments on the wall in my new sewing room… and of course, share with you.










I know I’m being a bit cryptic at the moment as have mentioned several times about things happening soon and haven’t elaborated – but it’s going on and I can tell you more really soon.. phew ! :)

Do you have a camera that you’d recommend ? What I am looking for needs to be digital, easy to use but with scope to progress with it and take some nice arty farty pics. I am nearly decided but any advice always appreciated :)

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12 thoughts on “Life through a new lens

  1. I would recommend starting with a small, lightweight camera. They are easier to lug around and once you get more into the different features, you’ll be able to make an informed choice about what’s best for you when it comes to spending the more serious cash.

    • Thankyou Rachel, lightweight is a good idea. It’s hard to know whether to go for it and get a serious machine or something to see me to the next level. Cheers for your comment x

  2. i would strongly recommend the entry level SLT from sony the A37. smaller in the hand than a normal DSLR but with all the features and speed of a normal SLR and cheaper, so you can concentrate on getting some decent lenses in time which will make all the difference to your photos. then progress camera bodies when you need scope for full frame photography/speed etc

    • Oh, thanks Andrew. I haven’t heard of this one so I will get googling straight away :) Decisions…
      Like the sound of it’s size.
      Cheers x

  3. I would definitely go for the Fuji X100, more compact than the heavier DSLRs, fixed lens and awesome depth of field. If you can master it you will have shots like a pro. Very artsy fartsy too, my husband looks like a right hipster ;) We are off to NYC this weekend so I’ll be posting lots of images from both my Canon 40D and the Fuji, feel free to have a peek next week!

    • Hey Lucy.. (good name:-)) Thanks very much. Sounds like it ticks all boxes. Will look up now. Have an amazing time in NY – can’t wait to see your pics :) x

  4. Hi Lucy,

    I’ve had a Canon EOS 1000D for the last three years, very reasonably priced and it does what you need. It’s obviously bigger than a compact/point & shoot but it’s so much better for creating images to be post edited in photoshop.

    I also invested in a zoom lens, remote shutter release and a pair of daylight lamps with diffusers for stock photography. All in all camera cost me about £350, everything else came to about £250

    Hope this helps :-)

    • Blimey, Steve! That’s a good price for all. I’ve heard good things about Canon ( Steve Neaves also recommended this ) so am edging that way. Very helpful indeed, thanks :)

  5. Hey Lucy – I’ve had the Nikon D3100 for 2 years now and I love it. Managed to learn my way around the manual settings doing an online course and love the quality of photos. Good entry level DSLR – the D3200 is the newest model I think

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