Wallpaper to grow up with …

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 14.12.29

There are literally thousands of stunning wallpaper designs on the internet. Trust me, I’ve been looking around to find one for my daughters bedroom, that will carry her through from being 8 to her teens. The ones I have chosen for you to see are of course, quite loud, but I think they would add great character to a room – maybe with just one wall covered. I would probably make a plain roman blind to go with this one made by Pip Studio and for sale on Not on The Highstreet by FIFTY ONE PERCENT ( no, I’m not shouting, that’s how they write it ! ). Love all the bobbins and sewing paraphernalia. :)

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 14.55.21

Whether it is because I am obsessed with flamingos or maybe my just in the genes – Mae loves them too so this is definitely a consideration. We are only going to do one wall – I know feature walls aren’t as trendy as they used to be but I think it works well in a kids room, especially if it’s not too big. She loves blue too so it could be the one !

This wallpaper is by Cole and Son and and for sale at WallPaper Direct.

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 14.34.02

This may not be every girls cup of tea * sorry, I’ll get my coat * … but it’s so dainty and pretty and I am sure would look amazing up. How could you ever get bored of looking at it ? It’s a Brian Yates print on the Select Wallpapers website.


More birds. A really vibrant print, again from Not on The Highstreet by a shop called Snuggle. It is made to order in 50cm squares. What do you think ?

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 15.33.19

I fell in love with this wallpaper the first time I saw it. It would probably mean a lot more to adults than it would to the ‘ new generation ‘ but it’s very retro and kitsch. Mae likes kitsch. So we might be on to a winner. This Penguin library wallpaper is by Osborne and Little from John Lewis.

My taste is very LOUD when it comes to prints as you may know. But I think these are all perfect for a growing girls bedroom.

What are your thoughts ? Do you have a particular favourite print that you’ve seen recently ?

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Vote for LucyLovesYa x

Can I ask a favour, pretty please ?

If you like my blog and think I’m worthy of an Amara Interiors award award ( think this is the first time I have put myself up for one ) then would you mind voting for me as Best Colour Inspiration Blog ? Voting closes on October 3rd so hope I haven’t left it too late. As I said in my last post – just starting to feel better and get up to speed again.

You can click on the above badge to vote. I would be really grateful. Apparently this is the category that I have been chosen for by a reader.

It’s a funny feeling putting yourself out there … but why not eh ?

My new look blog design is almost complete. Even more colour for sure ! Look out for it. :)

Thanks in advance … and have a wicked Wednesday. :)

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Lots of lovely Rainbow Drops


I’ve been sitting in my kitchen for a while now thinking of ways to brighten it up a bit, but not with too much block colour.

Having made the roman blinds a while ago in the red gingham and I’ve painted the bookcase a turquoise colour, I still felt there wasn’t enough fun – and being a kid at heart, there needs be lots of that.

There are some brands that you love from the off, for me – Cable and Cotton are one of them because they are so distinctive. I first spotted their shop whilst wandering around Brighton a while back. I hadn’t thought of putting some of their fairy lights up to complete the makeover, don’t know why. But luckily, they very kindly contacted me recently to ask if I would like to try some out. So, I’ve placed them over my flamingo print from Etsy.

You can choose your own colours and length of lights at Cable and Cotton plus they also do sets with 20, 35 or 50 on a string. The ones I chose are Rainbow Drops.


If you are a regular reader, you will know that I do love a bit of fair trade, so am pleased to know that the lights are handmade in Thailand by skilled craftswomen who work in the lovely open air ! Making the lights for Cable and Cotton is ensuring a year round income for these people and their families .. and in fact an entire community. :)

A great brand for sure !

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My Guest Post for Artist – Jessica Zoob

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 11.09.56  A quick update to tell you about my guest post on the very talented artist Jesssica Zoob’s blog. She very kindly asked me to write about LucyLovesYa.

Jessica trained at Central School of Art and Nottingham University and worked as a theatre designer for 7 years at venues such as The Royal National Theatre and Bristol Old Vic. For 14 years now though she has worked exclusively as a contemporary artist from her home and studio in Sussex. She exhibits around London and her work is shown worldwide in private collections.

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 11.08.11 I love Jessica’s style and find her use of colour really emotive. It’s easy to lose yourself in her work, I think it’s partly because of the different textures she uses in the process. I could stare at her paintings for hours ! If you’d like to see or read more about Jessica Zoob then click here for the website.

My post can be found here.

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All images copyright of Jessica Zoob 2014.

Not just your average Journal ….


This gift of a journal from Anglesey Paper Company couldn’t have arrived at a better time here, what with all the different things I’m currently trying to juggle. Script learning notes, sewing, Summer hols ideas…  Need to write everything down !

It’s from a selection on their site  - and what is particularly appealing about the company, is that all of their products are fair trade and environmentally sound. This journal is tree free, acid free – made in the Nepal, the inner bark of a Lokta Bush … which apparently grows in the Himalayas at an altitude of up to 3000 metres.


They produce all sorts of things including Kindle and iPad pouches, wrapping paper, sketchbooks and also handmade lampshades, including this vibrant flower print one. You can see the full selection if you click here.

Have a good start to the week. :)

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2014 Rustic Trends – Tactile Textures

I was doing a bit of searching around recently on t’internet for trends this year because we’ve been doing some work on our home.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 12.16.45

Rustic is a top trend for 2014 so I have put together some images of what I would use for a bathroom with tactile textures.

I really like this Cambridge Free Standing Bath from C. P. Hart Bathrooms. I would ideally have some exposed brickwork which really breaks up a room, adds extra character and accentuates the shape. I do have some in my sewing room but would’ve loved to been able to do this in the bathroom too. I do like a splash of colour so would go for a wooden floor – and would some boldness in the accessories – like this Liberty London floral fabric for the blinds and some chunky towels.


The board is on my Pinterest ( I strongly recommend doing an inspiration board if you are thinking of designing a new room ) of how I would accessorise with this bath – and have added some of the pics to this post too.


A lovely earthy candle scent would add to the overall feel of the room – and a few pops of colour dotted around against the white walls to finish it off and a heavy duty wire rack. I don’t think you can go wrong with an old style radiator – again, this one is by C. P Hart Bathrooms – who incidentally have a broad range of bathroom showrooms, ideal to gain some inspiration and get a true appreciation of the look and feel of their products. Also, for professional and interior designers, they have a trade section on their website that is well worth exploring. if you need some when you come to do your own bathroom.

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This post is in collaboration with C P hart – all opinions are my own.

Cheers, George !


Hope you are having a good week ?

I’ve been a lucky girl this week as George at Home have sent me some of their products to add to my ” favourite hub ” which is currently my kitchen.


As you may know, I am no stranger to colour and prints so as I looked through all of the ranges, I was very excited to find leopard print mugs, bright mixing bowls – and flamingo and pineapple glasses amongst lots of other tempting products.

PicMonkeyjug Collage

I will be serving up popcorn in this star print bowl tomorrow for a kids sleepover and pouring smoothies with glass pink jug.

We are really getting into baking so the digital jug scale will be really useful, as will the “dry measure” cup – it’s got a retro look to it which is fab and a very good price at £3. Cooking is much more fun when you have the right tools. So now we do !

PicMonkeyscales Collage

Really like these cake and biscuit tins. They’re simple but vintage in style.


As our pepper and salt grinders have seen better days, these battery operated Russell Hobbs ones are most welcome ! They even light up… if we are eating in the dark. :)


The thing that I am most looking forward to using is this CoolGear collapsible Bento Box. If you remember – we attempted some sushi recently. This box has a base with a plate for your teriyaki salmon or and a top layer to put your rolls, dips, rice etc. Or just good for a packed lunch.

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Blinds – Before and After













We’ve lived here for 4 years and I’ve been so busy making things for other people and being generally indecisive that it’s taken this long to make our kitchen blinds. I recommend making your own, because it’s not too difficult and will save you quite a lot of dosh. Amazing what a splash of colour and some flowers can do to a window !













Our house is a medley of colours against white walls, with old and new furniture – adding the blinds has made it feel extra homely.

This ” Preservation Fixation ” print below by Sunny Buick is one of my favourites and it’s up in the kitchen, works well with the gingham. :)














.. and having waited what feels like a lifetime for one, Andy gave me a Kitchen Aid Mixer as a belated Birthday present so all in all, I feel like a contented girl at the moment.














Now all I have to do is paint and re – cover the chairs and the kitchen will be finished. What kind of fabric print would work with the gingham ? Any suggestions welcome ! :)

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My Perfect Home interview.

Having had to postpone my first ever 10 K a few weeks back because of a lingering virus, I  made it around a different course on Sunday in 67 minutes ( and let’s not forget the 15 seconds… ) so feel really proud because it was really hilly and I had a hot sun beaten head. :)

I raised some good funds for a school library and felt pretty euphoric to be honest. The first of many longer runs, I hope.


Anyway, I wanted to tell you about a little ” Perfect Home ” interview that I was asked to do with Amara in collaboration with Heart Home Magazine. They are currently running a series of interviews with some of their favourite interiors bloggers, so it was an honour indeed.

I’ve always wanted my home to be in an interiors magazine ! If you’d like to read my interview and also the others who have taken part – here is the link.

We are doing up our house at the moment, cosmetically. Having finally just finished some red gingham blinds for the kitchen – I will be putting them up in the morn. Amazing what a simple change can make to a room. Blog post to come ….

Have a great Friday. :)

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Ugallery – LucyLovesYa Guest Curator







I was asked by online art gallery Ugallery to guest curate on their website and also pin my current favourite pieces to Pinterest.

They have some beautiful work from talented artists for sale so it was an absolute pleasure to do so.

Ugallery have over 1million Pinterest followers so it was also incredibly flattering that they asked little ol’me. :)









Started up 7 years ago by Stephen, Greg and Alex, when the world was dominated by high end galleries and established artists. They decided to bring together artists, clients and their customers in a way that hadn’t been done before, allowing anyone to access high quality affordable art by emerging artists.

Now, they sell to 35 countries and represent 500 artists.













Do pop on over to and have a look at my page with all of the artwork chosen, on their website. I feel quite proud of it. :)

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All images belong to Ugallery.