4 Great Books To Get Creative And Crafty


I thought it a good time to share some reviews of books from publishers DK on the blog. You might be looking for a new hobby or in need of some ideas for things to keep the kids busy at the moment – I know I am !

Four books here that are all different types of craft books so hopefully will suit you or someone you know.


This is packed full of projects for new sewing enthusiasts and the more experienced. There are well laid out, step by step tutorials with easy to follow images. It teaches you how to measure up, make and install your creations. It’s hard backed with a huge selection of soft furnishings to try out. My favourite section is ‘ Using Colour and Pattern ‘.

Here’s the cushion I made with some Liberty fabric. Lovely print, eh ?

Liberty-Cushion-1 Embroidery-Stitches


This book is so detailed ! I have never attempted embroidery before, I think because I’ve always thought it will take ages to finish a project  – but it has made us girls here really keen to make something. There is every possible stitch you can imagine with lots of tutorials. Written by Lucinda Ganderton, it starts with the history of embroidery with the following chapters talking about equipment needed, techniques and a gallery of close up stitches. For novices like us, the information is easy to understand. See… we’re having a go at some of the more basic stitches here …


Embroidery-Stitches-e1438699703291 One-Ball-Of-Wall-Book


A great idea for a book. The cool, contemporary images are brilliant, showing what you can achieve with just  ‘ One Ball of Wool ‘. My favourite knitting and crochet projects are the texting gloves and the Dapper Dog Bow Tie .. as you can see. As I don’t knit ( yet ) a lovely lady called Pam made it for Sandy and she enjoyed it. Other things you can make are slippers, toys, scarves … 25 in total. Not only is the crafting confined to wool – there are also some rubber tubing and wire ideas. It’s a definite eye opener ! It’s only £9.99 which makes it a really good price too.

Sandy-in-a-bow-tie My-Sewing-Machine


What a fabulous book for kids, written by Jane Bull. It is brimming with colour and with loads of easy things to get them started. The layout of ‘ My Sewing Machine ‘ on each page is really engaging – it is clearly designed to inspire. There’s nothing too tricky and the wording is simplistic and fun. It’s good that the start of the book is all about getting to know your sewing machine which is sometimes more daunting than the sewing itself. It also points out the safety aspect of using the machinery.

What I like the most about this book is the ‘ How to make paper templates ‘ section. It’s a good way of getting kids used to the idea of starting from scratch and who knows – might encourage pattern cutting later on.

Here is our ‘ Flutterby ‘ party streamer that we tried out. They both found this very straight forward to cut and sew. We will definitely will be making more for the next birthday party.


Hope you have found my thoughts on these books useful. If you want any more details or just want to leave a lovely comment under this post … please do. I will reply as soon as I can. :)

Lucy x

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