2014 here we go ! :)

Happy New Year !!!!

Hope you had a good Christmas and are ready for all the good things that 2014 has to offer ! :)

We had a nice break, saw lots of family and chilled out. This year, we attempted our first gingerbread house, amazingly, it didn’t collapse ! The girls loved decorating it. I enjoyed eating the jelly beans. ;)

Although we don’t really do adult presents, I did receive a few amazing gifts – very chuffed with my vintage buttons and ” My Favourite Dress ” book. Both very thoughtful.

I did take lots of pics, especially at Winter Wonderland and the seaside, but my camera decided to do something weird and cleared them all, so I have only my instagram images to go on, I’ve added some to this post. Sorry that they’re not as clear as usual !

Just looking through my last New Year plans, it seems I may have fulfilled some of them. Phew ! For instance, I did run my first 5k .. and then a few more. In fact, I am now getting ready for a 10k in March.

The new business thing has also transpired – but has been evolving really all of last year. We obviously have the Etsy shop, which is good fun, but also I am making head way with a completely new brand, with my own designs. I will be on ASOS Boutique soooooon, as well as my own new website  ( these things always take longer than you think ! )

Writing a book, was a Resolution … well, I have written a synopsis. But think I might have been a little ambitious on that one ! It will happen one day.

One of the best things we did last year, was get Sandy, our dog. Love him !

Plans for 2014 include learning more about photoshop and doing part 3 of a healing course that I started many moons ago ! :)

What are your plans for this year ? Have you made any resolutions ?

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