SoLovesVintage Giveaway









You will know already, if you’re a regular reader, that vintage inspiration is a big part of what I love to blog about. These beautiful pieces above are from the elegant online vintage store SoLovesVintage.

Craftsmanship and wearability is very important to Sofia, founder of SoLovesVintage, so she ensures that all of her hand picked clothing and accessories are well made with quality fabric.

What I particularly like about the website is that all of the items are well displayed, enabling you to see the shapes and colours in great detail. Vintage lace gowns from the 20s, wedding dresses, Brocade coats, cinched in waist 60s dresses, YSL earrings … honestly, so much to swoon over.

Anyway, the great news is – today, SoLovesVintage and I are collaborating to offer my readers the chance to win your favourite accessory from their current collection. It’s just a couple of easy steps, which include indulging yourself by having a good look at their website and choosing the piece that you would most like to be yours…..


















What you need to do to enter:

1. Leave me a comment under this blog post telling me which accessory you have picked on the SoLovesVintage website and why. 

2. Make sure you are following both @SoLovesVintage and @lucylovesyablog on Twitter. 

NB: Both of the above are compulsory and validate your entry.

3. For a second opportunity to win, please Tweet on Twitter:

I’ve entered the @lucylovesyablog giveaway to win my favourite @SoLovesVintage accessory piece. Here’s how:

That is all you have to do. Good luck ! :)  

T’s and C’s 

This giveaway will run for 5 days. A winner will be picked by Sofia on Tuesday 21st April at 4pm.

P & P supplied by SoLovesVintage.

I will notify the winner by email straight away and ask for a reply within 24 hours or a new winner will be chosen.

This giveaway is open to both UK and Overseas readers. Any custom charges will be the recipients responsibility.

No cash or alternative prize offered.

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Back in the Building












After nearly a month of of dodgy broadband, I’m back ! That’s not me above, but you know that, right ?

There’s been lots going on – including running training ( if you can call it that ) for the 10K in a few weeks time. It’s to raise money for daughters school as they need money for a new, much needed school library. I decided one night after a glass of wine that I should do something to help. Why I do these things, I don’t know. :)

We went to London Zoo a few weeks back – I haven’t been there since I was a kid myself. I love animals – they seem well cared for there. I hope they’re all happy.































We had a few nights on the Norfolk coast recently which was a nice little break, the weather was perfect. Sandy loved the beach. A true labrador !

There’ll be lots coming up on the blog as I play catch up. Some reviews, giveaways and there will also be a new LucyLovesYa look, which I’m pretty excited about.

The new brand is coming along too. :)

Hope you are enjoying the glorious weather here in the UK. :)

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Ugallery – LucyLovesYa Guest Curator







I was asked by online art gallery Ugallery to guest curate on their website and also pin my current favourite pieces to Pinterest.

They have some beautiful work from talented artists for sale so it was an absolute pleasure to do so.

Ugallery have over 1million Pinterest followers so it was also incredibly flattering that they asked little ol’me. :)









Started up 7 years ago by Stephen, Greg and Alex, when the world was dominated by high end galleries and established artists. They decided to bring together artists, clients and their customers in a way that hadn’t been done before, allowing anyone to access high quality affordable art by emerging artists.

Now, they sell to 35 countries and represent 500 artists.













Do pop on over to and have a look at my page with all of the artwork chosen, on their website. I feel quite proud of it. :)

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All images belong to Ugallery.

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Happy Roman Blinds

I’ve been so busy these last few weeks that my poor beloved blog has been neglected. Apologies. :)

I had no idea that it would take up so much time starting a new brand from scratch. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all good experience, but I have had little time to think about much else, along with being a Mum and sewing. I did take a little trip to Carnaby Street yesterday, which was nice.

My sister is currently doing up her home and I am making roman blinds for her. She popped by today with some fabrics and I love them so much that I have to share them with you.

Deckchair Stripes are one of my favourite fabric stores because their website is brimming with colour. Reminiscent of the seaside and all things happy – they know their stripes. They even popped in some sweets with the order. I have asked her permission to put pom poms along the bottom of the blind on this one – and she says yes … :)

The butterfly print is subtle and so pretty. I really like these kind of prints that become more lovely, the more you look at them and can sit in any room without taking over.









As I mentioned, I popped in to central London with a friend and used my Liberty Birthday vouchers up – came home with a metre of this Alexandra B Crepe De Chine fabric that I have been lusting after for a little while. It’s not exactly cheap at £45 but so far I have found their fabrics really good quality and any vintage ones I have come across are still in great condition. This one is fairly wide so not sure what to make yet. A lined skirt maybe ? Or a scarf ? If you have any ideas – please do leave me a comment under the post ! :)









Have you seen any fabric prints recently that you need in your life ?

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Fab Finds

It’s been ages since I posted a little collection of favourite finds. Really should do it more often as there are so many beautiful designs out there, and talented people.

Here are 5 things that I am currently drooling over ( I apologise now for the image in your head on that one ) …










Viva Designs who are on Not on The Highstreet stock a fantastic range of printed retro phones. My old vintage style phone is falling apart … hmm ..













Wowzers ! The colours, images in this Japanese inspired print. How could it not make you smile every time you study it ? Rosie Wonders is a website brimming with cute, eye catching products. I think my girls would be all over the temporary tattoos. :)










Luna and Curious have some beautiful things – this scarf is printed in Japan using a hand printed technique. Apparently, it’s called Furoshiki which is which is used several different ways including as a scarf, for wrapping a gift ( lucky person ! ) or for attaching to a handbag.










The dolls on the Lapin and Me website are so adorable. I could look at them for ages. It’s the combination of colours with the sweet little faces. Aww.












I must have at least ten tape measures dotted around the house. I love this though. I’m pretty sure any sewing enthusiast would. It’s from Liberty London in Margaret Annie print.

What do you think of this little selection ? Has anything caught your eye recently ? Leave me a comment or tweet me @lucylovesyablog

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Right up my Street








I wish I could offer you a scratch and sniff service with my blog !

As scented candles go – this Jonathan Ward candle is a truly sumptuous one. Carnation, Sandalwood, Rose, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Patchouli, Amber and Cedarwood. It comes in a really nice stylish box and it’s from Lost Laundry in London via the new website StreetHub.

I was asked to do a a little review of their website and used their service to get this ultra cool retro tape cassette desk tidy too from j – me store, which is perfect for all of my bits and bobs in my sewing room.

StreetHub is essentially a click and collect website, brimming with tasteful and unique gifts, clothing, accessories, homeward and artwork boutiques. Currently covering London – they are expanding to cover the UK. You can find all the nice stores local to you on the site, with what is available right now. If you within a 3 mile radius then you can even have the purchase delivered to your day on the same day.

If you’re like me, I faff around for ages in shops looking for the perfect gift, but also have quite a busy lifestyle which leaves little time for doing the faffing in the first place – so StreetHub is a great solution.

What I did was have a look around the site at all the different Boutiques items and then clicked on the 2 things that I needed and reserved them. Shortly after, I received an email to confirm the items were in stock and then picked them up. Job done.














I had such good fun looking at all the unique things that are on offer and have also seen a Kokeshi lamp which might just a fair swap for my Birthday money. ;) It can only be a good thing to support these businesses and you can do it all under one roof.

So, you probably get the picture that I’m giving StreetHub a thumbs up. :)

Looking forward to watching them grow over the next few months. Coming to your neck of the woods very soon.

Oh, and if you subscribe to their updates, you will receive a £7 voucher code.

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Kitsch fun in the Sun




















We’ve had a go at doing some decoupage this week. It’s been therapeutic and a way of having some really good chats with my girls. A few hours felt like 10 minutes as you tend to get quite involved with it.

There was some homework set for the half term, all about robots, so we spotted one

Decopatch area of a shop. Right next to it was a flamingo just crying out for some leopard print. :) The robot isn’t quite finished because the weather today has taken us outside lots and scuppered her final layer of sparkly glue, she will ultimately have a patchwork outfit and silver head !









I will pop it on instagram once she’s all made up.

Have you had a go at doing this ? I highly recommend it !

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Feeling Blessed :)
































I’ve been a really lucky girl. Here are some of my Birthday treats. The vintage wool wrap is a really nice shape, fits beautifully and has a sash. The necklace is also vintage. Jasmin by Diptyque is the most amazing candle aroma – it fills the room.

On the day, I was taken out for lunch at Suffolk Food Hall by my Sister, Mum and Nana ( she’s 93 ! ) and then when we got back, Andy had organised for all of my family to be here which was the best present possible, and we had an abundance of delicious food from my favourite Japanese restaurant here called Shiki.

The record decks were in full swing and we all had our turn at dj’ing some of our favourite music, lots of soul, house and retro disco – and of course, much ( maybe too much ) champagne. :) Hence, the lack of in focus photo’s from the evening.

I still haven’t quite recovered. :)

It was an ideal Birthday.

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Liberty fabric meets 60s Vintage Pattern
















I had promised to post a pic of the dress I made for my Birthday, actually on the day – but that was probably a little ambitious, what with going out for lunch and surprises in the evening. It was such a lovely day and I will do an update soon with some more images from the day.

In the meantime – here’s the dress. I was surprised by the poplin, it feels lovely to wear, but was quite sloppy to sew with. Having said that, I would definitely use it again because the overall result is good and I think it works well with this style of dress.











The pattern, I bought from eBay, would recommend this seller – she’s very nice and it was nicely wrapped with extra tissue paper to wrap the pattern in after it was cut, which felt like a gift in itself.

All I did to alter the pattern for me, was bring the neckline down by an inch, lose 2 inches from the back seam and shorten the dress by a couple of inches. I wore with thick black tights and Vivienne Westwood / Melissa heels.

Hope you like it ! Are you enjoying The Great British Sewing Bee ?

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Me, the dress and my Sidekick

















As promised, here is the dress that I made earlier this week on me, instead of the mannequin. Oh, and here’s Sandy too, waiting for his walk. My 7 year old daughter took this pic and I think she did a sterling job, she loves photographing. You may also notice that we still have taken our Christmas lights down .. oops.

I think it could probably do with taking in a tiny bit as it’s a little roomy. What do you think ? Overall though, it’s comfy and I do love a bit of tartan.

Tomorrow is my Birthday and I haven’t finished the dress that I’m making to wear in the evening. It’s the vintage pattern with the Liberty fabric that I showed in my last post. I’m sure if I crack on it will be done in an hour or so. Will post a pic tomorrow !

Things have been planned for tomorrow which I will write about later in the week. One of them, I have no idea about at the moment, but as people have been avoiding me of late – I am assuming they might be involved… ;)

Have a lovely evening !

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