Kids Christmas Food Inspiration

Melted SnowmenCakesIt has been too long since I last posted. With all the best intentions in the world to keep posting all over Christmas, I have let it slip with so much going on. But today as it was blustery to venture out too much I decided to have a go at making something different to share here.

I have been keen to make these melted snowmen cakes for ages, having seen the idea on Pinterest. So easy to make – apart from sourcing the noses ( I never thought I would like awake wondering what to use – first world problems, eh ? ) I made the cakes today using a simple cake mixture and icing, then adding a marshmallow for the head, coloured icing for the eyes and chocolate chips for the buttons. The nose – starburst ! Although I still call them Opal Fruits. I’m crazy like that.


Grinch Christmas Pops

Again I found some inspiration online for a half healthy, colourful festive snack – Grinch Pops.  You could use banana instead but my daughters don’t like them. If nothing else, it’ll make the kids smile.


Christmas Cake Characters

I can’t take credit for this wonderful cake, we won it recently, but I just wanted to show it off as it’s a little cutie.

I hope you’re having a great lead up to the big day. One week left …

Are you trying any new recipes or crafting ideas this year ? I would love to hear about them. Leave me a comment under this post or tweet me @lucylovesyablog.

You can also find my Pinterest page here.

Happy Holiday !

Lucy x

Bond and Fox Cards and Prints – a nice 10% Discount

bond and fox duck print

I want to share with you, these fab prints sent over to me from Bond and Fox. They are new to my sewing room and I do enjoy looking at ” Sir Duck ” whilst rifling through my fabric cupboard.

Bond and Fox specialise in original prints and cards for unique people with cool digitally printed illustrations and typography quotes, for lots of different occasions. They definitely stand out, compared to the mass produced ones on the market. My other print makes me chuckle – it is scarily true. We all need our Wi-Fi !

bond and fox wifi printbond and fox cards

Their products and are made with very good quality, thick card and all made from sustainable forests .. These are just a few of many.

If you’re in festive mode and love their Christmas cards (or any ranges) I currently have an exclusive Bond and Fox code for you, which entitles you to 10% off your order with them – LUCYLOVES10.

Have a good weekend.

Lucy x

Corset Story 50s Polka Dot Dress Review


I went out for a delicious meal with some friends the other night. Japanese is my favourite food, although as usual my eyes were bigger than my belly .. but I ate it all ! :)

Anyway, I wore my new Hearts and Roses polka dot shirt dress from Corset Story. They very kindly sent me this pretty frock to review and I happily obliged as it’s my favourite vintage style which as you will know if you read about my wedding post – it’s my favourite fashion era. I’m modelling it in my sewing room – haven’t written about my room recently but it’s still going strong. :)

The dress gives you a 50s silhouette and has two petticoats and a tulle hemmed underskirt. As I was wearing it out to dinner, I was very happy with the amount of netting the dress has, but you could also add an extra swing petticoat to give it even more fullness.

It fits perfectly, the striped buttons go down to the waist and it has a tie sash which I fastened at the back, but you could also do this at the front. I never tire of this style as it’s classic, flattering and elegant. I like this longer sleeve for winter too. The length, personally, is good. I am 5 ft 5 so average ( I believe ) and it sits about two inches below the knee. Having made and altered and made this era style dresses from this period before – it’s not always easy to find ones on the peg that fit without any kind of alteration – but luckily this one does. This dress is from the Corest Story Rockabilly range and I chose my dress size by using their chart widget and my tape measure. It was accurate, they seem to know their sizing really well.

Corset Story are the No 1 corset retailers in the world and have a big range of Burlesque and Steampunk clothing along with accessories and shoes.

If you’re looking for an outfit for christmas, personally, I would recommend them.

Lucy x

My Top Tip for DIY Up – Cycling

Inspiration BoardRecently I was asked for my top tip for home DIY by Legal & General. My advice was “ If you’re embarking on a DIY project – make up inspiration boards with all the colours, materials and ideas that you have in mind – this will save you no end of time and money in the long run.” I really believe making up a board will help focus you on your goal, style wise for long term aesthetic enjoyment.

This one I made up was for when we were doing up our bathroom. Put together in the old fashioned way by pinning pics on to a board – I like doing it this way as it’s is easy to move the photos around to co – ordinate and try palettes against each other. Of course, Pinterest is brilliant for sourcing images and it’s all at your fingertips. I use it on a daily basis for my project ideas and finds.  Wall Cabinet

I also then used the Inspiration Board to choose some colours and ideas for my DIY up – cycling project which, as you can see was a little bathroom cabinet because as well as needing extra storage, I wanted to add an extra pop of colour to the room because the walls are white, as are the metro tiles, with floral roller blinds and a stripy bath mat and chrome faucets.

Key words had helped as I had wanted the bathroom to have elements of vintage but with a dash of kitsch. All of these nuggets of inspiration helped me pick a colour and knob for the cabinet.

Up Cycled CupboardHere it is finished. I plumped for a blue green colour in the end with a white Victorian style handle, which is perfect as it doesn’t look out of place being a gentle hue, but definitely adds some depth and extra character to the room.

Are you embarking on any projects in the near future ? Do you have any advice to share ? Leave me a comment or tweet me @lucylovesyablog …

You can find my tip ( at number 1 !) and all the other great blog advice here.

Lucy x

Sample paints in this post are Designers Guild and the knobs are by Bombay Duck.

Colour Your Christmas – 20 Stocking Fillers for Kids. £10 and under.

Xmas 3 Pt 2!The last couple of weeks, I’ve shown decoration and home inspiration for Christmas. Last but not least is stocking fillers for the big kid in you children. All of these are under £10. :) It’s impossible to stick to 10 this week. So many fun things …


1. This’ll bring out the Larry Adler in you all. A cool harmonica. £5.95. Selfridges.

2. What’s your favourite flavour ? Jelly Bean Mini Bean Bin. £8.99. American Sweets.

3. An oldie but a goodie. Remember this from your childhood ? Beetle Game. £4.99. Lakeland.

4. Definitely think this would be a winner. Eight scenes to colour in a ” Chromadepeth 3D book and pens “. £5. John Lewis.

5. NPW Origami set. A nice creative little gift. £6. Also from John Lewis.

6. I can vouch for this pen. It’s really amusing. Writes surprisingly neatly too for a “Wiggle Writer”. £6.75. Blott.

7. Naturally, I was going to pick this out. A little Crafts Sewing Kit in a jar. It’s for age 6 and over. £6.95. Dotcomgiftshop.

8. This Kissing Rabbits design also comes in notebooks, bags, cups etc. Think the little ones would love the melamine plate. £5.50. Amara.

9. There are loads of Mr and Mrs mugs to choose from. Classic characters – which was your favourite when you were a tot ? £7.95. Bloomsbury Store.

10. I cannot express enough how much I love these Doodle books. They’re so good for kids inspiration. Lots of different ones. £3.99. The Book People.

So, half way through, here are some more bright and happy gift ideas … Xmas 3 Pt 1

11. A personalised book to jot all of your fabulous ideas. £9.95. Sukie @ Not on the HighStreet.

12. Too cute alert ! Snowglobe lip gloss palette. Glitter – tastic. £4. Accessorize.

13. Santa Shades. I suspect it wouldn’t just be the kids wanting to try these on. £4. Paperchase.

14. I bought this Space Race Pin Ball Game for my friend’s son last year. The whole family loved it ! £7.95. Love from Rosie.

15. This brand have plenty of colourful and kitsch style products. Their Money Bank Tins are a great way to start saving up the pocket money. £5. Wu & Wu.

16. You haven’t lived if you’ve not tried to solve the Rubik’s Cube. :) I’m not sure I ever managed it. £9.99. Rubik’s.

17. I mentioned this this company last week. They have loads of gardening gifts. Love their Rainy Day Mini Garden. You can grow herbs or flowers in it. £9.95. What You Sow.

18. Lipstick Marker Pens. Great gift – would be sneaked in to the classroom, no doubt .. £7. Paperchase.

19. I had to squeeze a flamingo somewhere in this line up. Here it is. Tropsticks ! It will make eating noodles loads of fun. £7.19.

20. Good ol’ Boden. Always colour a plenty. Think these novelty tights will be a hit.Different styles available – starting at £10. Boden.

There you are. Hope you feel inspired by these ? Have a happy weekend.

Lucy x

My Instagram Inspiration

LucyLovesYa.Instagram.As I mentioned earlier in the week, I am a bit addicted to Instagram. Saying something without words. But maybe a few hashtags. :)

The colours really inspire my week and it makes you realise how many times in a day a beautiful moment or place can just pass us by. LucyLovesYa.Instagram3LucyLovesYa.Instagram2LucyLovesYa.Instagram1

Here are some of my InstaMoments from the last few weeks, I seem to be taking about 30 a week at the moment, from a sewing glasses case that Which glasses are Which sent me ( great idea, they are ) to an autumnal tree contrasting with a beautifully  – blue sky to a heart warming second when the lift doors opened in Liberty London, showing their infamous Christmas decorations in all of their splendour.

It’s definitely my favourite social media site at the moment. What’s yours ? Leave me a comment or tweet me @lucylovesyablog ..

If you’d like to see more of my pictures – you can find me here.

Lucy x

Colour Your Christmas Part 2

Xmas HomePart 2 now of gift ideas. Last week I shared some decs.  This time, here are some cheerful, eye caching home pieces that might be if interest to you, if you’re thinking of doing a bit of Christmas shopping this weekend and want to buy something a little different and refreshing. I am drawn to all of these things for their vibrance and vintage style appeal …

1. Rigby and Mac stock these cute little floral and pattern print candle holders. Definitely a bit different and would sit very happily on a bookshelf or fireplace. A very sweet present. £19.95.

2. I am a little bit in love with LEIF. A US based online shop with homeware to die for. Oh yes. The price on the site is in dollars but I believe this Spectrum Picture Frame is approx £28. Don’t hang about if you like it – might take a week to so to arrive here in the UK.

3.Bombay Duck have been around for some time now and clearly still know how to do colour. This set of 3 Delphine Glass Bowls are £16.

4. Interior Designer, Sophie Conran has a nice Christmas selection of China  – such as this platter. The print is quite retro and reminds me of my childhood. £34.50

5. Such a good but simple idea. Cannisters with windows. I think most people would like a few of these. At £2 for the small size and £3 for the larger – can you go wrong ? From Tiger Stores.

6. A hand painted cookie owl jar from dotcomgiftshop. Just awww ! £23.95

7. I’m imagining these place mats ( they have matching coasters ) on a lovely crisp white table cloth or a rustic wooden table. This is my favourite colour too. I found these at Anorak Online. Set of 4 for £28.

8. If you are buying for someone who loves all things Kawaii then they might like these adorable little Chuppon Self Watering Animal Planter. You just stick them on the side of a glass. Whatever next ! They are £9.95 each at What You Sow. I want one !

9. Folklore fans will love this woodland print coffee pot. It’s illustrated in the UK and for sale at Mollie and Fred £19.99.

10. Okay, I am seeing a theme developing here. Another animal inspired gift. Very suitable for a sewing lover. It’s from AVOCA and is approx £7.95.

Part 3 coming next week :)

What do you think? Do you like these ? Leave me a comment or tweet me @lucylovesyablog …

Lucy x

Huggle Up Square Prints – Featured Blogger

LucyLovesYa PrintsI have got what seems like a lifetime of photo’s stored on my phone and laptop, that have never seen the light of day, but recently I decided to start printing my pictures again so that I can put them in albums and have them on show. After all, I wanted to capture the moment at the time, so it’s nice to be reminded now.

Online photograph printers Huggle Up have kindly asked me to be their featured blogger which means sharing with you, a little bit about their ethos and what they offer.

I used the Huggle Up service to print off some of my favourite recent Instagram images, including our trip to Ibiza and Betsey’s Wizard of Oz Party. The process was super easy – choose from your smartphone or PC of either Desktop, Instagram or Facebook , then scroll to the style of image i.e. Polaroid, Square ( my choice ) , Postcard or Magnet and then click on your faves. Once done, you just add these to your basket and place your order.

LucyLovesYa Cards

I found the immediacy of the process really satisfying  – and within a few days they were in my hands. Great quality, they are. Sturdy and the definition is very good. To order 20 is £12.50 which is a bit of a steal, if you ask me. :)

Huggle Up has recently appeared in Elle, Bazaar and The Times so they are clearly going great guns. You can find them on Twitter

Already we have hung some up on ribbon on the wall and I’ve made some cards too with them – thought it would be nice to send some handmade, personal cards to my friends – to remind them of some of our favourite days out this year, now that we are reaching the end of 2014.

What have been your highlight days so far this year ?

Lucy x

Great British Birds by Amber Elise


I saw these colourful prints recently and had to let the artist Amber Elise know how much I liked them. We are big bird lovers here, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you will know that our wedding cake made by our fab friend Juliet was inspired by birds and so was the poem piece read by our lovely friend, Lou.

Most of my childhood was spent in the countryside and I had a book, where I used to tick off off the birds in it once I had spotted them. Do you remember those ? Great memories.

Amber Elise is a Bristol based illustrator and screen printer who takes inspiration by the cut outs of the artist Matisse, colours of Andy Warhol and music from David Bowie..  a girl after my own heart. 7xhj4TVb9xQ4NK2YLEQzJVGLsTkN4i3FviNY_j3ssUw

Not only does her online shop offer these beautifully bold Limited Edition Prints along with zebras, owls and whimsical messages in 2 different sizes – you can also buy sets of her high quality individually wrapped, boxed cards. Great for your own home or a thoughtful gift to those in your life who love anything quintessentially English. I have some here and will do my best to share them with special friends but they’re so alluring, I might hang on to them .. just for a bit. :)

I love Ambers’ sharp use of colour – such great definition. You must have a read of her Creative Projects – they are all interesting but I was particularly drawn to the one about her transforming a launderette with bespoke wallpaper. It looks amazing ! Have a look at it here.

Lucy x

Colour Your Christmas

Xmas Bright LucyLovesYaI love Christmas. The shiny, razzle dazzle of it all and feel justified in doing a Festive post now as the lights are officially switched on in Oxford Street. With an abundance of traditional decorations and homeware to choose from online, I thought I’d seek out some slightly more cute, colourful and heaven scented 2014 items at varying prices.

1. The playfulness of this wreath from The Original Pop Up Shop is handade from Merino Wool. It would work against so many colours. It’s very tactile looking – beautiful !

2. A cheeky little retro style plaque from Selfridges. This one is by Gisela Graham.

3. I am a big Diptyque fan. Their candles last for ages and they smell divine. This one is scented with cinnamon and plum. I’d be very happy to find one of these in my stocking. It’s stocked at SPACE.NK.

4. In Festive colour with a bold chevron print. These gold and glamorous napkins are by Paperchase.

5. As Liberty London lives right in the middle of the capital, this London bus tree decoration represents them well. I love it, especially as it is the old fashioned design. Glittery too – Ooh !

6. You could make a statement with these Multi coloured crackers for the tree or against a white table cloth. You can also find these at Paperchase.

7. How could anyone not fall for this little woodland Hedgehog decoration. Uber cute. Found at StreetHub.

8. My heart skipped a beat when I first spotted these handmade fairground star lights. Made in Britain – they come in various colours. They’re not cheap but I would use them all year round. These are by Goodwin and Goodwin at Not on The HighStreet.

9. Every year when we make Mulled Wine, I remember the thing we forgot. Proper glasses.  John Lewis do a set of 4 thermally insulated ones in a soda glass shape.

10. Father Christmas in a glittered robe. As he should be ! A set of 6 that come in a gift box from one of my favourite online stores – Berry Red.

Hope you like my selection. I will be seeking and sharing more soon. :)

Lucy x